Why you should hire a professional house cleaner

Dec 28, 2020

1. Studies show that a clean house can decrease stress levels by up to 68.4% and have tremendous effects on your health

According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of California, an unclean or messy home can increase your stress levels by up to 68.4%. A messy home directly stimulates cortisol (stress hormone) slopes. Not only that; but it can lead to a number of health issues over time. So, wouldn’t you like to rid yourself of all that stress, all the while having a beautifully cleaned home to return to every day?

  1. You’ll be safe from unwanted pests settling down and breeding in your home

Cockroaches. Name something worse. How about 40 of them? Get this; it’s often said that if you see just one cockroach in your house during the day, he’s usually got 40 other buddies that you can’t see. Gross pests like this spread and breed like wildfire, so, preventative measures are a must to make sure even just one little pest is deterred from making your home their own. A clean and sanitary home environment will maximize your chances of keeping these unwanted pests out.

  1. People with clean homes are more productive and likelier to have increased lifespans

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that the place you spend half your life situated within, actually plays a role in HOW you live. It makes sense right? You will spend the majority of your life inside your home – and if your home is in poor condition; it can accommodate a plethora of long-term health risks. Not only that; but on average, people with messier, unclean homes tend to be far less productive than those with clean homes. So, wouldn’t you love to live a more prosperous and productive lifestyle?

  1. You’ll “WOW” all of your future house guests

Whenever you have guests around, you want to treat them like royalty. And for good reason – you want to give your guests the best hospitality possible so they feel warm and welcome, and in turn, they compensate with their grace and gratitude. But imagine the tables were flipped and you were the guest at somebody’s house. And you arrive, only to discover the place in an unkempt mess. How would that make you feel? Obviously not very cared for. And what would you think of your hosts? Exactly. Impressions are such an important part of social interaction, as it sets the precedent for our relationships. Allowing a professional cleaner to take care of that gruelling work for you using careful systems will open up the opportunity for you to leave future dinner guests, friends, and family in awe.

  1. You will have more free time at your disposal than ever before

Housework is just another one of those things in life which you may not necessarily enjoy doing, but it has to be done – and it requires TIME. Lots of it! So for all those hours you’ve spent doing housework – whether that be doing the dishes, sweeping the floors, vacuuming, etc; think about all the better things you could be doing with that time. Time is your most precious commodity. Don’t spend it doing things you loathe.

  1. Toxic mold, fungi, and viruses will be eliminated before they have the chance to grow and become a health hazard

It’s no secret to homeowners that bathrooms are susceptible to mold build-up. But did you know – your bathroom could be a thriving breeding ground for fungi, viruses, and other pathogens. To avoid contracting the infectious disease which could throw a big spanner in the works of your daily life, having a professional house cleaner is an absolute must. They will keep your bathroom spotlessly clean and get rid of moisture in the bathroom by ensuring it stays aerated all the time. Bathrooms can be disgusting, especially if there are molds and grime built up. House cleaning services will help you maintain good hygiene in your bathroom which will be reciprocated throughout your home, yielding great health benefits for all the occupants

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