The Miracle Maid Story

Turning houses into homes.

The Genesis

Miracle Maid was the brainchild of Haroun Abdel, a Sydney local with a keen understanding of the profound impact a clean home can have on one’s well-being. Acknowledging the pace of modern life, Haroun envisioned a high-quality, reliable cleaning service that would give people the luxury of time and a peaceful home.

The Journey

Haroun started by carefully selecting a team of professional cleaners, equipping them with high-quality cleaning supplies and rigorous training. Haroun’s focus was not just on offering a cleaning service but on delivering an experience that brings tranquillity and order to each household.

The Evolution

Under Haroun’s guidance, Miracle Maid swiftly grew but never strayed from its core values of customer satisfaction and exceptional quality. The team, or “Miracle Workers” as they are fondly called, became experts in a range of services, from regular cleaning to specialised tasks like Deep Cleaning and End of Lease.

The Mission

Miracle Maid, guided by Haroun’s vision, evolved into more than just a cleaning service; it became a catalyst for an improved lifestyle. By alleviating the burden of household chores, Miracle Maid aims to elevate people’s quality of life. Haroun sees his company as not just a business but as an invaluable part of the community.

The Future

Haroun Abdel’s ambitions for Miracle Maid extend beyond cleaning services. He aims to redefine customer satisfaction in the industry while continually adapting to the evolving needs of his clientele. The services may grow and diversify, but the mission will always remain: to turn houses into homes, one spotless room at a time.

Miracle Maid is not just about cleaning; it’s about freeing up time and mental space for what truly matters. Haroun Abdel established Miracle Maid to offer the simple but invaluable luxury of peace of mind and time well spent. That’s the Miracle Maid story—a commitment to excellence that continues to evolve while remaining deeply rooted in its original mission and values.

Operating Hours:

9 am – 5 pm
Monday – Saturday

Sunday – Closed


Sydney, Australia