House Cleaning Gift Vouchers

Miracle Maid house cleaning gift vouchers are perfect for Mother’s Day, Baby Showers, New Mums, Christmas, Birthdays or just a gift for that special someone who deserves the gift of free time.

Easily purchase your cleaning gift voucher below. Or call us on 1300 905 032.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our house cleaning gift vouchers? Take a look below or contact us. hello@miraclemaid.com.au or 1300 905 032.

Can the gift voucher be redeemed with any of the cleaning services you offer?

Yes. Miracle Maid house cleaning gift vouchers can be redeemed with any of the cleaning services that we offer. If you’re not sure or if you have a specific service in mind, please contact us to discuss the scope of service required and the amount to gift your loved ones to ensure they have a flawless experience. 1300 095 032.

How can I purchase the gift voucher?

Simply enter your details and the details of the recipient in the form above and purchase your house cleaning gift voucher. Or call us on 1300 905 032 to purchase over the phone.

How can the gift voucher be redeemed?

Once you purchase the gift voucher, the recipient will get an email with the details of their voucher and steps on how to redeem it.

Can I choose when to send the gift voucher?

Yes. Simply choose the date and time you’d like for the gift voucher to be sent, and it’ll be sent on that exact date and time.

Does the gift voucher expire?

No. Because the gift voucher is digital,  it does not expire.

How much should I gift?

Because we consider many variables when pricing a cleaning service, including the type of service required, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the home and the scope of work, we suggest contacting us first to discuss your specific needs and to help you decide on how much to gift your loves ones – 1300 095 032. Alternatively, you can use our online booking form also for a guide on how much to gift your special someone.